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As you already know, tuning is a very meticulous and precisely calculated art. You need the proper recipe to make the perfect file and knowledge is the main ingredient.In our development center we are constantly pushing the limits, allowing us to offer the most precise software available for all types of applications. Having provided mechanical and electronic solutions for so many years, we can truly say that our software offers our clients the most balanced and compromise-free driving experience available.

We care about you and your driving pleasure; this is why we will always do our best to exceed your expectations. Thus providing you the smoothest, most reliable, most powerful performance software, designed to offer you the greatest driving experience! Try it out! If for any reason at all, you are not satisfied by the amazing results, we will refund your money within 30 days. We care about the quality of our products, but what we matters the most is your satisfaction!

You may not realize it yet, but you've just discovered the most fantastic, proven, reliability and Quality-tested, Performance software available on today's market, which guarantees you a ton of extra power that will make your car a raging power machine. It will finally give you that thrill, you've always wanted. Thousands of happy customers are already enjoying their exhilarating experience. You'll soon see that we've created something that everyone else though impossible. Our Performance software works beyond your wildest imagination and we will prove it to you! One try will convince you! Our customers never have any problems with Check Engines light, or reliability problems. Think of it, thousand of happy customer without any issues! As you probably know, you just don't want any performance software, you want the best there is! And that's exactly what we have developed for you! This means thousands of hours developing and testing, to offer you the highest quality products, with the primary reason in mind; you're driving pleasure! If you're looking for just any performance software, you won't find it here for sure! Instead you'll get beyond your expectations. As you can see, when you get chipped now, you will experience a totally new driving experience,
Pure A-D-R-E-N-A-L-I-N-E-! Renew with the pleasure of driving! Driving is fun!

Unitronic entered the automotive world by providing local garages and dealers with solutions for complicated electronic issues. In 2003, with the experience and knowledge gained by dissecting engine management systems for many years, Unitronic began to focus solely on the research and development of high performance software. Aware of the current problems in the industry, we not only chose to rectify the issues people were having with market's current offerings, but to bring it to the next level. Our constant development of new methods and technologies enables us to remain the leader in the industry. But we all agree that without our client's feedback we would not have been where we are. Thank you all for contributing to the creation of these amazing products, and for believing in Unitronic's dedication in offering only the best and most progressive software in the world.

Performance Software:

Unitronic introduces to you the smoothest and most reliable power gains available for your vehicle. All programs are precisely tuned for all driving conditions to bring you the most reliability.

Dynometer test results are an over simplifications. They only tell part of the story since the engine is tested only at full throttle. You don't drive all day with your foot to the floor, so Unitronic maximizes the power and torque you need in everyday driving conditions where running smooth and brisk acceleration are equally as important.

Every Unitronic performance software comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. The 30 day grace period will ensure that your expectations are met. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return it to your place of purchase for a full refund.
Your driving satisfaction is our goal. Unitronic's risk-free satisfaction guarantee gives you total peace of mind. Unitronic is committed to building its reputation one happy customer at a time.

Big Turbo Software:
Those looking to extract maximum power from their engines without having to sacrifice the simplicity, safety and comfort that comes with owning a European car have but one choice, Unitronic. Our big turbo software is available in a number of hardware configurations for most Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Volvo applications. Our catalog includes programs for all setups from street/track monsters to quarter mile beasts. For certain setups that are not currently available, we offer dyno tuned custom software tailored to your needs. There are many factors that determine how any software will react to your specific setup. Our BT Software is developed in house along with a network of enthusiasts constantly testing and data-logging to ensure the best drivability. In certain cases we will release free software updates to provide our clientele with the best in drivability and performance.

The benefit of our software over standalone engine management is that all the original manufacturers’ safety limits and functions are retained. By properly modifying the parameters which manage the engines power delivery and output we are able to maintain the original startup and driving characteristics in all climates. We are always willing to help our clients trouble shoot and plan their big turbo setups by offering the knowledge that we’ve gained over the years.


Make   Model   Generation   Variant   Std KW   Std Torque   Mod KW   Mod Torque   Stage
VW  Golf   4 GTI 110 210 132 260 2
VW  Golf   4 GTI 132 235 154 300 2
VW  Golf   5 GTI  147 280 215 420 2+
VW  Golf   5 TDI  102 240 124 300 1
VW  Golf   6 1.4t  90 200 110 240 1+
VW  Golf   6 TSI  118 240 140 300 1+
VW  Golf   6 GTI  168 280 198 410 2
VW  Polo  1 TDI  77 240 96
VW  Polo  1 TDI  96 310 128
VW  Polo  1 GTI  110 240 171 360 2+
Seat  Ibiza  N/A  TDI Fr  96 310 128 1
Seat  Ibiza  N/A  TDI CUPRA 118 330 150 400 1
Seat  Ibiza  N/A  CUPRA  132 235 168 360 2
Seat  Leon  N/A  TDI  103 320 124 300 1
Seat  Leon  N/A  FR  147 280 200 400 2+
Seat  Leon  N/A  CUPRA  177 300 252 450 2+